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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a designer. I used to work for a big company. It started with creative work, but I kept accepting more responsibilities and promotions until I mostly just managed a team and tried to avoid political backstabbers. Except for my team, no one in the company seemed to know what I did, or why. It was a total downer.

Every morning, a good friend and co-worker, called to chat. We compared horror stories and tried to figure out how to make it better. But it’s really impossible to figure out why corporations reward mediocrity, and promote people who have no business managing others. Bold, smart and funny, neither of us really belonged in a place that only valued conformity, toeing the line, and keeping your mouth shut.

We’d make jokes, and say, “That should be a t-shirt!” Finally we decided to really make t-shirts. She was the sales mastermind, and I had total creative freedom, something seriously lacking in my day-to-day existence.

You should never ask a woman her age, but I will divulge that I was born in 1968, and she was born in 1980. Do not do the math. The point is, that 68-80 became 680, and Six Eighty & Co. was born. We both came up with ideas and when I had time I’d make a t-shirt. I had no idea at the time that our little side gig would become the tiny spark of joy in my workweek.

As the shop grew, we needed models and product photos. It turned out that my niece was a natural in front of the camera and—bonus—she’s also great at social media. You’ll see her lovely smiling face in most of our Instagram and Facebook pix. Much of her inspiration is also woven through our feed and stories.

Eventually, my corporate position was eliminated. My husband told me, “Maybe this is a good thing. You were so unhappy, and you never would have left.” He was right.

It took me months to thaw from the iceberg that was my corporate existence. And through that time, Six Eighty & Co. gave me focus and kept me sane. I went from, “I have to find another corporate job,” through, “Hey maybe I don’t want another corporate job,” to, “I’m so grateful I don’t have to work there any more.” Now I focus on Six Eighty & Co., and do freelance design on the side. It’s my happy place, and I’m staying.

Our clothing & accessories are designed to inspire, encourage or just make you smile. I design things that the Six Eighty & Co. team would wear, and take my inspiration from the world around me. I admire strong outspoken women, and people who are not afraid to let their freak flag fly.

Ideas come from books I’ve read and my favorite author’s quotes, to movies or TV shows where I fell in love with the characters. I believe that magic is afoot in the world, much like strange things are afoot at the Circle K. If you got that movie reference, then you’ll also guess that I’m a child of the 80s and fan of pop culture. A bit of a gypsy, I have lived in four states and two countries, and inspiration also comes from my travels and my family. I’m married to a wonderful guy who grew up in Mexico City. He was the best souvenir I ever brought home from vacation. He is a city kid with some hilarious chilango slang, which you’ll see in our designs.

Our kids and babies apparel reflect my own family. One of five kids growing up, I understand arguing over the last Fudgesicle. I have ten nieces and nephews, but my son has the bad luck to be an only child and therefore the center of all my attention. It seems like yesterday he was just two and playing with matchbox cars, but today he’s seventeen and almost grown and off to college. He has been the biggest and most important project of my life. When he’s out on his own I will be so proud, and totally heartbroken at the same time.

I am lucky to have a circle of friends who accept and love you for who you are, encourage you to be your best, but call you on your bullshit. They know I would do the same for them. Six Eighty & Co. products are true to this vibe, and I’d lend them anything in my closet for their next daring adventure.

So raid our closet, and find your new favorite.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as I enjoy creating them.

Six Eighty & Co.

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    Shannon Gomez

    Creative Director & T-shirt Maker

    Shannon Gomez
    Ainsley Simmons

    Social Media Coordinator & Muse

    Ainsley Simmons
    Yogi Bear

    One year old Mastiff puppy & Mascott

    Yogi Bear
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beauty begins

The moment you decide to be yourself.

life is a party

Dess like it.

never underestimate

The power of a good outfit on a bad day.

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