Fall is here and that means football…And holiday shopping.

When our son was little, I took advantage of Sunday football game time to start my Christmas shopping. My husband was glued to the TV, and our son was lost in video games, so I didn’t feel bad at all disappearing for a few hours and searching for all those tiny treasures that add up to holiday happiness.

Now, that little guy is 17 and much harder to shop for. I’m no longer looking for toys or funny socks or Lego sets. I find myself shopping for something more meaningful. One great gift, vs. dozens of presents. The last gift I bought him was a vinyl record—the Beatles, Abbey Road. I didn’t even realize it was just a few days before the 50th anniversary of the making of that album. It was what my good friend Sandy would call a “happiness surprise.” A gift out of the blue, for no good reason, other than to make you happy.

This year, instead of shopping while the guys do other things, I’m designing apparel and accessories. It’s my goal to make something meaningful, if only in a small way. Some of it is destined for our retail endeavor, and you can find those items in-store at The Gibson Company. But you can find most of it right here.

Leave your high chair quarterback with your armchair quarterback and do a little shopping right here at Six Eighty & Co.

Our holiday aprons make a great hostess gift, and your whole crew will need a North Pole Staff tee. When the kids ask, you can prove you are an official Santa’s helper. Adorable baby bodysuits and kids tees are great for any occasion. So do all your holiday shopping right here, and don’t forget a little happiness surprise for yourself while you’re at it.

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